Mario García Torres – Let's Walk Together

Mario Garcia Torres’s work deals largely with locating and challenging the places of art. This interest has taken him on a peripatetic journey. The museum, whether built or imagined, is naturally one of the places he investigates and, in one instance, even set out to create. He explores various forms of communication platforms, and scrutinizes avenues and corners of artistic complicity. His work also investigates Time — perhaps a less obvious area to research, but it is in time itself where art has often been sited.

García Torres’s wanderings have thus evolved from quests in search of a destination to surveys of art as incident or event. In this regard, art’s place is a conundrum, knots in a thread of affective relations, which in the process of disentangling make evident the politics of a time. It should be no surprise then that Garcia Torres’s journeys are adventitious; that their course runs through unlikely places; that to each form of knowledge, there is a kind of dowsing rod; that in the creative process that is art making he finds himself, time and again, in the most common of places: el interior.

The exhibition Let’s Walk Together captured this ongoing pursuit, presenting more than thirty artworks and projects created by García Torres over the past fifteen years. With a curatorial structure juxtaposing transfers and transference, the exhibition related provenance with motivation, told of source from intent, found a way to make space in time. The experience of the exhibition involved movement, as well. It took place at different venues throughout Mexico City that lie within a perimeter of 1,814 hectares. This corresponds to the total area of Museo de Arte Sacramento — founded by the artist in Northern Mexico — where the first iteration of Let’s Walk Together happened.

Organized by Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, Let’s Walk Together was presented from February 27 to June 19, 2016.