Pictures of You

Pictures of You gathered work by a then-young group of Mexican artists whose artistic practice and interest in conceptualism was at the time somewhat uncommon in their immediate communities. The exhibition explored what pre-conditions and shapes the experience of taking or looking at an image. The selected artworks dealt with pictorial qualities of an image, albeit none of these relied on visually portraying or representing a specific depiction of something. Instead, the works captured sensorial and structural qualities of an image, and relied on perceptive modes other than the visual forms to announce them.

So rather than presenting a set of pictures, the exhibition gathered a artworks to be seen as situations: through a soundtrack, an artwork will announced an unprinted photograph; a recorded performance suggested that beyond the gallery walls lies a landscape; with the scent of turpentine, one could have expected but never saw a painting of oil on canvas; and a ceaseless video prelude forever delayed a program to be watched. At their experience, the artworks initiated a play of thought-associations that, at best, could produce images. Pictures of You put forth a set of artistic propositions concerned with imagination.

Sadly—or rather, relatedly—there was no photo documentation taken of the exhibition. A small publication was produced, though, printed on papel revolución and including visual iterations of the artworks.